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Happy 40th Anniversary to the Alabama Political Science Association (AlaPSA)!

Auburn University and the University of Alabama were founding members of AlaPSA over the 1972-1973 years. Therefore, we will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary as an association during both the 2012 and 2013 years and holding our conferences on their campuses.

The 40th annual meeting will be held on
30-31 March 2012
at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center

We hope you will join AlaPSA and participate in our conference as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the organization.

There have been myriad changes in politics, policy and government in Alabama and the nation over the past 40 years, chronicled over the life of the Alabama Political Science Association. This year’s meeting highlights the research that speaks to the unique position of Alabama, its past, its present and its future. Panels at the meeting will cover a range of topics from policy (including, but not limited to health, social policy, foreign and military policy), to politics-as-usual (democracy, American institutions, voting and elections, comparative politics and international relations), political theory, and closer-to-home issues (Alabama politics, immigration issues, publications and graduate student development).

We invite abstracts (up to 250 words) for individual papers and panel submissions. To be considered, abstracts should be received no later than midnight on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. For more information, go to www.auburn.edu/alapsa. Abstracts can be submitted by e-mail to alapsa@auburn.edu or through the website.

Additional information about the conference will be sent in the upcoming months. For more information, contact conference co-chairs Mitchell Brown (brown11@auburn.edu) or Kathleen Hale (halekat@auburn.edu).

We hope you will join AlaPSA and participate in our conferences as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the organization.
AlaPSA invites you to join (or renew your membership in) our organization.  The cost is only $25 per year.

AlaPSA is an academic-based, professional organization that connects scholars interested in political science throughout Alabama and the southern region. As a professional in a field concerned with Alabama politics and government, AlaPSA allows you to stay connected to fellow scholars and practitioners in the political science discipline.  Membership also entitles you to a subscription to Politics and Policy.  AlaPSA's membership [DOC form] year runs from October 1st until September 30th. If you join as a new member or renew as a returning member, you will be entitled to membership and journal subscription through September 30, 2012.

Last year AlaPSA accepted proposals for papers and panels on all topics within the discipline for the meetings. Proponents were expected to

Undergraduates who had completed scholarly work, such as a senior or honors thesis, were encouraged to participate in a panel specific to undergraduate research at the annual meeting. Interested undergraduates were encouraged to include a brief recommendation letter from a faculty representative with their proposal.

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