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Notes on Guest Speakers' Lectures, 2011-12

Page compiled by Jeremy Lewis, revised 23 Apr. '12

  • Laura Merrifield Sojka, on women candidates' fundraising differential in AL and CO, April 2012
  • Judge Reese McKinney, on the work of the Judge of Probate, April 2012
  • Alexander T. Zachos (2007), on the LSAT, law school, the Bar, and legal practice, April 2012
  • Kay Ivey, "Women in Leadership," HC library atrium, 8 Nov. 2011
  • Speakers at AWAC, 2011-2012

  • Laura Merrifield Sojka, MPA, a doctoral candidate in the University of Alabama, spoke to PSC 215 Southern Politics about her research comparing the progress on women as state legislators in Alabama and Colorado.  Alabama has the second lowest percentage of state house legislators who are female (next to SC); Colorado, on the other hand has the highest (46%).  She found that disparities in fundraising appeared to caused by intermediary variables rather than gender alone.

    Judge Reese McKinney, HC alumnus and Probate Judge for Montgomery County, spoke to PSC 215 about the work of his office, on Monday 16 April 2012. His office is responsible for collecting various forms of county property taxes, and legal registrations of names, but he was most moved by custody issues.

    Alexander T. Zachos (2007) returned to speak to PSC 305 on Thursday 12 April 2012 about the LSAT, law school and his work in pharmaceutical corporate law.  Afterwards, he took part in the Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers waterslide.

    Kay Ivey, "Women in Leadership," HC library atrium, 8 Nov. 2011
    Early career: Wilcox County, Banking, Economic development, Girls State.
    Anthony Leigh was deputy to Ivey as State Treasurer.
    Present: Abby, Ann, Amanda, Kate, Trace, Zach,
    First women in various positions, even as a teenager …
    Theme of American values
    [Ascription] to groups by associating with principles …
    Read scriptures … prayer … individualism of US citizens … constitution … juries … individuals launch businesses, give to church … in America, individuals matter … America = me, I, ?
    To be a citizen, need:
    Love & respect for God & country
    For strong country, need strong national defense … veterans day, 11/11 at 1100
    Citizens wrote Constitution, served as legislators
    Politician focuses on net election but statesman focuses on future.
    4 things to lead: listen, learn, help and lead
    Trade issues now, trips to China and Taiwan.
    [Participants in organizations:]
    Wishbones: Wishful thinking, but do nothing;
    Jawbones: opinion on everything, love camera; but do little
    [inaudible?] bones: everything is so bad; it is just me; don’t do much.
    Backbones: individuals who [inaudible]
    Everyone can be a leader
    Citizens by birth or naturalization: cannot buy or earn these freedoms but must defend them against all enemies, of which greatest is apathy.  Low turnout in mayoral election in Montgomery.  Need to lead your generation and pay civic rent, civic activity, service clubs.  Bible: 9 Judges, parable of trees.  Asked to become king, Olive tree declines to give up oil; fig tree declines; vine declines; bramble bush & briers accepted, swayed together.
    Presidential elections coming, state offices and judicial elections.  Volunteer for campaigns.  Citizens matter.
    3. Demonstrate patriotism, salute flag with same pride as you do servicemen.  This country is all about God & country.
    Five female Govs, 7 Lt gov, 5 sens.
    Smorgasbord of opportunity.
    Examplers of women leaders: Dunwoody at Huntsville first female 4 star gen. Admiral also when retired became dir of several corps. When women aspire to run companies, they do.
    Question Time
    When did decide to enter politics? Had worked in campaigns. Trustee Will Sellers in 1999 persuaded her to run for Treasurer.
    Would run again for Gov? I have a real fine job, but would have to see.
    Why no Woman President – why did previous candidates not succeed, because women? Higher standards of knowledge comms skills, track record, careful vetting.  Not much to do with gender.
    Work of Lt. Gov? Heartbeat away.  Fill term. President over Senate – but no other specified duties. Ivey’s choices to create jobs, streamline government, support education. Trade mission to China with 6 Lt. Govs.

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