LAS 102 Week 12 Justice Section Questions: Science & Technology
Lauren Fabrizi
Reading 1: Like our Bodies' Imprint
Question 1: what is the poem talking about? Is this a depressing poem?
Reading 2: : Like our Bodies' Imprint
Question 2: What does the last line" None will help me" mean?

Marie Wilkerson
1.  What is the extent to the social responsiblilities of scientist and science?  Is is ok to clone a sheep but not a human? Is it ok to disrupt nature by saving pre-mature babies from dying?
2.  Should the government put restrictions on scientific works and experiments

Larry McLemore   week 12   Justice   Science and Technology readings
1) To what extent should individuals who create innovative technologies used in warfare (such as nuclear weapons) be held accountable for the destruction their creations cause?
2) In scientific and technological advancements, how far must we go before we realize that we have gone too far?  For example, is cloning human beings a worthy or reasonable endeavor?

Charlie hastings -Like Our Bodies' Imprint
1.)  Amichai says, that there is not a sign that will remain after you leave a place.  How does Amichai say that, when you can easily tell if someone has been in a place due to numerous factors that people affect the enviroment.
-The Social Responsibilities of Scientists and Science
2.)  How can a scientist and the technology they hold have all the control of preventing a milatary disaster without a great leader?

Neal Obert
Sorry these questions are late! I didn't get back to school until 8pm.
1.) Why did the author say that non-scientist only understand parts of the world?
2.) Why is the ability to make war easier in non developed countries?