Dr. Rosamund Thomas was awarded an honorary doctorate

IPSA RC 48: Research Committee on Administrative Culture

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Minutes of RC48 from the IPSA World Congress, 2016

RC 48 on Administrative Culture conducted two successful panels and a business meeting at IPSA 2016 Poznan.  The RC continues to attract more diverse approaches to the panel topics, and members from more regions and countries.
The following Board members were elected:
President emeritus, RD Sharma, India (continuing)
Past Chair, Rosamund Thomas, England, info@ethicscentre.org
Chair, Jeremy Lewis, USA (formerly Vice-Chair), jlewis@huntingdon.edu
Vice-chair, Leonid Smurgunov, Russia (continuing), lvsmorgunov@gmail.com
Vice-chair, Ashok Basu, India (continuing), drarbasu@gmail.com or ladyivy@rediffmail.com
Secretary, Arunoday Bajpai, India, arunodaybajpai@gmail.com
Hon. Treasurer, Prudence Brown, Australia, p.brown3@uq.edu.au
Additional board members elected were
Erica Gorbak, Argentina., erica.gorbak@yahoo.com
Gideon Van Riet, South Africa, gideon.vanriet@nwu.ac.za
Lidiya Timofeeva, Russian Federation, timofeeva-Lidiya@inbox.ru>
Mamta Mokta, India, mamtamokta@yahoo.co.in,
Renu Kapila, India, rennuganesh@gmail.com
Leonid Smorgunov distributed and reported on his new anthology, The Governance of Public Policy (Moscow: Aspekt Press, 2016, in Russian), which contains chapters from several members of RC48 and other contributors from the workshop held in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, in summer 2016.

Ashok Basu reported on the Indian regional workshop with present and past members of RC48 contributing.

The RC meeting passed motions to explore an anthology (which is now underway with a publisher) or journal symposium, and to arrange publication of voluntarily submitted papers on its website.

Finally, the RC members unanimously congratulated Erica Gorbak on receiving IPSA’s Global South Prize.

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