The e-governance panelists at ICPP4 2019 Montreal, Canada
ICPP4 Montreal 2019: e-governance panel
The transparency panel at IPSA 2016 Poznan, Poland
IPSA Poznan 2016: Transparency panel
Business meeting, Poznan 2016
Business meeting at Poznan, 2016
Leonid Smorgunov announces his book publication, Poznan 2016
Poznan 2016: book publication announcement

Welcome to IPSA RC 48:

Research Committee on Administrative Culture

Affiliated with the International Political Science Association
Chair, Dr. Jeremy Lewis, United States
Vice-chair, Dr. Leonid Smorgunov, Russian Federation
Vice-chair, Dr. Ashok Basu, India
Secretary, Dr. Arunoday Bajpeyi, India
Past Chair, Dr. Rosamund Thomas, England
Founding Chair emeritus, Dr. Ram Dutt Sharma, India

RC 48 home page | Participants contact list

RC48 conducted two panels at ICPP4, Montreal 2019, on E-governance and open administrative culture
Presentations were delivered by Jeremy Lewis and Nemi Chand Goliaya plus new participants Dr. Willem Bantema from the Netherlands, and Dr. Lindquist Evert from Canada.
Abstracts were also provided by new participants from Italy, Germany, Norway, and Saudi Arabia.

Multiple panels were delivered to IPSA 2018 Brisbane, Australia.

Panels are found here. Abstracts are found here.

Owing to a surge in quality and quantity of papers proposed and accepted, RC48 has added a fifth and a sixth panel for Brisbane 2108.
Additional panels have been uploaded here. Additional abstracts have been uploaded here.

RC48 has revealed our initial set of abstracts accepted for IPSA 2018 in Brisbane, Australia

RC48 is offering these panel topics for IPSA 2018 in Brisbane, Australia
Based on suggestions from the executive committee, we  propose 4 panels on different topics in culture and public administration. We have tried to fit the various research interests of our members in different continents, and fit the Congress's theme of borders and margins. Please give your suggestions to a member of the Board, or email to the Chair.

IPSA has given the following calendar:
    30 May 2017 Call for Proposals opens
    10 OCT 2017 Deadline to submit paper and panel proposals (Postponed to 25 October)
    25 OCT 2017 Review period of proposals starts
    10 DEC 2017 Deadline to review paper and panel proposals
    19 JAN 2018 Paper and panel proposers are notified of final results
    15 MAR 2018 Early-bird registration deadline
    10 APR 2018 Registration deadline to appear in the printed program
    -- and Deadline to edit paper title and abstract
    09 MAY 2018 Final registration deadline for all panelists
    -- and Participants not registered are withdrawn from the Congress Program
    01 JUL 2018 Deadline to upload full papers
All paper and panel proposals must be submitted online via the IPSA Congress website. No emails, PDFs or Word documents will be accepted as submissions.
Likewise, please apply for Global South travel grants directly on the IPSA website. RC48 may write a letter of support, but does not have its own funds for travel.

Dr. Jeremy Lewis represented RC48 at the 5th Global Conference on Transparency Research, at the University of Limerick, Ireland, 19-21 June, 2017. He then interpreted much of the findings and discussions from this conference to the international seminar, "Governance through Collaboration" at St. Petersburg State University, Russian Federation, the same week.

An international seminar in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation,  "Governance through Collaboration" (GtC) was held on 23-24 June 2017 with Dr. Leonid Smorgunov as program chair.
Dr. Jeremy Lewis gave a keynote address, representing RC48; he also acted as discussant for two English language panels (and was impressed with the English speaking of many of the presenters.)
Call for papers [PDF]: the 18th Research Seminar of the RPSA RC on Comparative Politics, co-sponsored by the IPSA RC-48 on Administrative Culture. Entitled, "Governance through Collaboration: New Designs and Platforms for Government-Citizen Relations in Public Policy", it will meet on June 23 - 24, 2017, at St. Petersburg State University, Russian Federation.
Working languages: English and Russian.
Application term: from January 25 to March 1, 2017 - please fill a registration form at
Selection of applications: March 15.
Submission of papers for the publication: English - April, 20; Russian - May, 1.
Seminar fee: $50; for students - $20.
The papers will be published.  Go to conference website

Academic paper published here: Dr. Rosamund Thomas, "Changes Affecting Administrative Culture in the British Civil Service, and the Wider Public Sector," 7 February 2017 [PDF]
Thomas reviews six changes to British administration: greater specialisation; contractual employment; privatisation and pubic-private partnerships; separation of policy from administration in agencies; devolution of powers to Scotland and Wales; and equality, diversity and digitalisation. She finds that while recent governments have ended the "Next Steps" and "privatisation" programmes, they continue in some respects informally, and the size of the British civil service is still shrinking closer to 400,000 [it peaked at 720,000 before the Thatcher government's cuts]. She concludes that the Brexit will reverse some of the Europeanisation of the civil service; and that core civil service values are very much alive, and enshrined in the Nolan Report, 1995.

Dr. Rosamund Thomas was awarded an honorary doctorate in a ceremony on 1 October 2016 in the cathedral at Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, by the University of Suffolk, UK, recognizing the work of her Center for Business and Public Sector Ethics.

Panels of IPSA World Congress 2016 | Abstracts, 2016 | Minutes, 2016

The RC conducted two successful panels and a business meeting at IPSA 2016 Poznan. Thanks to all those who contributed. We are now exploring with a publisher creating an anthology, and have sent news items to IPSA for their journals.

The business meeting for RC48 has now been scheduled for 11:00 - 12:30 on 28 July, before our panels.

Registered participants are now combined into two panels, each with 4 papers, a chair and a discussant. - 20 May 2016. Both are confirmed by IPSA for the afternoon of 28 July.

Please register for the Congress on the web site. Note that officers for the panels, like paper givers, can only be selected from those who are registered to IPSA's website. I sent a circular with a list of those members registered as of 3 May 2016. -- JRTL

Poznan' will Host the 24th IPSA World Congress of Political Science:
We are pleased to announce that the IPSA Executive Committee has selected the historic city of Poznan' as the new host city for the 24th IPSA World Congress of Political Science to be held at the Poznan' Congress Center, 23 - 28 July 2016. It is very timely for an IPSA World Congress to be held in Eastern Europe.

Poznan' is one of the oldest cities in Poland, dating from the 10th and 11th centuries. It is an ideal location for the 2016 IPSA World Congress, as an affordable university town with a quarter of its population being students. "

Final Registration Deadline for all participants on the Congress program 12 MAY 2016
Deadline to submit Full Paper for main authors 01 JUL 2016
Registration Deadline for Research Methods Courses 05 JUL 2016
- announcement, March 2016

"The main theme of the Congress and the scheduled dates (23-28 July 2016) will not change. All accepted panels and papers will be maintained in what is an outstanding Congress Program." "The Early Bird Registration deadline has also been extended to 13 April 2016." -- IPSA announcements, for reasons of academic freedom in Turkey, and international security,  26 Feb. 2016.

A conversation via email among officers of multiple research committees, had occurred for a week before this decision, owing both to infringements upon academic freedom and some violent political incidents elsewhere in Turkey.  Although opinions were diverse, some had expressed concern that IPSA should inform members of any doubts about holding the World Congress in Turkey.

I hope you avoided committing to any spending on flight or hotel before this, and I did too.  If not, the IPSA hotels will accept cancellations if you call them.  You have to deal with the airline yourself.

New book containing chapters by our members: Leonid Smorgunov (ed), The Governance of Public Policy, published in Russian translation in Moscow by Aspekt Press, 24 December 2015.  Upravlenie Publichnoi Politikoi / Pod. red. Smorgunova L.V. Moskwa, Aspekt Press, 2015.

For IPSA World Congress 2016, on 9 Jan. 2016 we added abstracts to top up all panels to 6 abstracts each, plus accepted a closed panel.

Proposed abstracts for our panels at IPSA World Congress 2016 are now listed here.
IPSA closed the window for these on 14 Oct. 2015. We accepted abstracts by the deadline, 26 Nov.
Panel Descriptions 2016 | Abstracts 2016

IPSA has given the following dates for authors preparing for IPSA World Congress 2016:

"05 NOV 2015: Review of paper abstracts begins.
26 NOV 2015: Deadline to review paper abstracts submitted to your panel.
16 MAR 2016: Early Registration Deadline, Fees increase for all on March 17.
13 APR 2016: Deadline to register for inclusion in the PRINTED PROGRAM.
13 APR 2016: Deadline to modify your panel for inclusion in the PRINTED PROGRAM.
05 MAY 2016: Deadline to register to REMAIN on the PROGRAM. Participants who do not register will be withdrawn from the program."
RC-48 committee panel topics, draft descriptions and provisional chairs and discussants have been submitted to the web site for the 2016 World Congress, 23-28 July 2016.

An international seminar in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, was held on 27-28 June 2015 with Dr. Leonid Smorgunov as program chair. The title was "Governance of Public Policy: Cultures and Regimes in Network Contexts".  Participants were featured from around the world: Argentina, Armenia, Colombia, India, Mexico, Poland, Russia and the US.  Read the Report | Poster [PDF] | Call for papers [PDF]

View the keynote address by Jeremy Lewis, here [YouTube, HD, 15'], 26 June 2015. Dr. Lewis draws together trends in public administration: freedom of information laws, transparency, egovernment, governance and public policy. He argues these trends, which are changing comparative administrative culture, are adaptable to some degree, from liberal democratic regimes to oligarchic ones and to developing countries.

9 May 2015: News from RC 48 has three main elements.  First, as Chair, I am pleased to announce the 4 topics selected for the IPSA 2016 Convention, Istanbul, 23-28 July, which are:

1. Administrative Culture Implications of Public Policy to Address Global or National/Regional Poverty and Inequality.
2. Open Government and eGovernance –  Collaboration or Inequality?
3. Public Policy Institutions in different Cultural Contexts: Comparative Analyses of the BRICS.
4. Quasi-Judicial Institutions for Administrative Justice.
Any IPSA Convention attendees in July 2016 will be most welcome to participate in these RC48 sessions.

Second, the group photograph herein of RC48 Indian members was taken at a seminar held in Shimla on 25th April 2015 to discuss the 4 above-stated topics for the IPSA 2016 Convention. RC48 Indian members shown are Professor R.D. Sharma; Dr Nittam Chandel; Dr Pramod Sharma; and Dr Ashok Ranjan Basu. Other Indian members of RC48 also attended the seminar.

Finally, for those IPSA members interested in Business Culture, a new book has been published by Ethics International Press in 2015 entitled “Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: Cambridge-Gourlay-Trinity Lectures”.  This book (ISBN 978-1-871891-20-1) contains 8 original lectures delivered recently by Dr Rosamund Thomas, Visiting Gourlay Professor in Business Ethics, at Trinity College in the University of Melbourne, Australia.
-- Chair RC48, Dr Rosamund Thomas

A regional workshop in India is being held in 2015 with Dr. Nittam Chandel as program chair.

In August 2014 the new book edited by Dr. Leonid Smorgunov, was published as Public Values and Public Administration, by Aspect Press, Moscow, [in Russian]. This grew from the RC-48 Regional Seminar on Public Values, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 2013.

IPSA World Congress, Montreal 2014: RC-48 panels & minutes | Abstracts
To read further updates, log in to the official IPSA site for Montreal 2014, and see RC48 panels.

RC-48 International panel on Transparency, at AlaPSA conference, 22 March 2014 in Montgomery, Alabama, USA

New book on ethics by Dr. Thomas is now published: press release | order form

RC-48 Regional Seminar in New Delhi, India, 2013:Report of seminar

RC-48 Regional Seminar on Public Values, Russian Federation, 2013:Call for Papers| Report of seminar

IPSA World Congress, Madrid 2012: Panel Paper Abstracts | Minutes 2012
For the official site, see and select Madrid 2012, then
Research Committee 48 panels -- or click on these direct links:
Panel 1 on "Ethics in public administration, including corruption /anti-corruption"
Panel 2 on "Current and future issues in public administration as they affect administrative culture"
Paper from Dr. T. Krishna Kanth (PDF)

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Web page revised 28 June 2019 by Prof. Jeremy Lewis, www.Political

RC 48 on “Administrative Culture”'s Chair, and webmaster is Prof. Jeremy Lewis of Huntingdon College, USA. Existing and new participants wishing to join RC 48 are invited to contact Dr Lewis at, giving their full details, contact information, and a photograph for the new RC 48 website.
Past Chair is Dr Rosamund Thomas, who is the Director of the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics in Cambridge, UK.
Vice-Chairs are Prof. Leonid Smorgunov, of the Faculty of Political Science, St Petersburg State University, Russia -- and Prof. Ashok Ranjan Basu, IAS (Retd), India.  For details, see the participants page.